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Pei Fei Yan and Yong Liu

Pei Fen Yan and Yong Liu received their MD and TCMD from China where they learned both Western and Chinese medicine. Pei Fen Yan was an OB/GYN for 13 years during which time she performed a variety of female treatments using Western medicine including surgery combined with acupuncture and Chinese medicine. She has 2 years of internal medicine experience specializing in contagious diseases with a focus on treatment of gastroenterology and respiratory diseases. Furthermore, since 2005 she has been working as an acupunturist with Boulder Community Hospital in many different departments including stroke post-care and surgery pain management. She has also worked in local nursing homes as an acupuncturist.

Since the beginning of their practice in Colorado, Pei Fen Yan has been involved in Boulder Colorado's Midwife Group. She uses acupuncture, herbal, and moxabustion for difficult cases, providing excellent pre-natal and post-natal care. In the clinic she treats female issues such as irregular menstruation, cysts, fibroid tumors, breast lumps, cervical-infection, miscarriage, PMS, high risk pregnancies, breach babies, and infertility-supporting-IVF and artificial insemination. Pei Fen Yan also conducts treatment for injury and pain relief, urination issues, facial rejunvenation, hair loss, weight management, smoking cessation, stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotional disorders. 

Yong Liu has 18 years of experience working in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, using herbs and acupuncture combined with Western medicine. Since 1986 he has successfully treated a variety of issues including pain, injury, arthritis, headache, allergies, respiratory system disease, digestive problems, hematological issues, immune system disease, high-blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, dermatological problems, including shingles, gout, psoriasis, eczema, acne, urinary tract infection, gall/kidney stones, drug addiction, ADD and children's health issues.

Despite their comprehensive education and experience, Pei Fen Yan and Yong Liu believe one can never stop learning, and continue studying new techniques and treatments to this day.